A short cut to the mangrove, by Gonzalo

Hello Honko followers. Probably you are wondering, how the working-life at honko is. As you probably know by now, each volunteer has a specific task or project which he/she develops during the entire term of their Honko life. So let me tell you what I have been working on, but first think on the title of this blog. Did you get it? No?  Well, what do you need to know to create a short cut in a place that you are not familiar with? A MAP!!  

In the last couple of weeks I have been walking around the Mangrove forest with only two important items, a GPS and water-bottle. Along with Marion (an amazing volunteer), we have been walking through reeds, clouds of mosquitos, rivers, dunes and the mangrove forest, in order to improve the accuracy of the current map at honko, and also to upgrade the actual land use coverage around us.

This has been an amazing task so far. Why? Well have you ever pictured yourself as an explorer in the wild? In my case that was always my dream when I was a kid. Well now I truly feel like an adventurer, especially when I am walking through areas where at first it seems that nobody had crossed in the last few weeks. The other nicest part about mapping is having the chance of normally being in the right place to see exotic Madagascar birds. Last week for instance we spotted a Madagascar Kingfisher. Unfortunately I cannot share those pics with you, as all of them have been recorded only by my eyes.  Anyways, what I can share with you are all the short cuts that I mentally created to get to my favourite parts of the forest. So if it ever happens that you are nearby Honko in the next two months, then I will be happy to show you them.

Additionally to this I am working on the mangrove-forest assessment and monitoring, but this should be told as a new post. By the way I attached a pic of a few points that I took on one part of the river during this week. Hope you like it.



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