Shoestring Grass, by Mike

So for my final blog post, I decided to write a poem – a very, very basic poem lacking any and all poetic talent. It is about the grass that thrives around the Honko Center. It is long and stringy and has the ability to trip you, as if you were to trip over an untied shoestring – even if you are wearing flip-flops or no shoes at all. It is brittle and has adapted to the harsh semi-arid desert landscape of the region. I usually end up tripping a minimum of twice a day, although some days have reached a whopping ten trips. As much as it bothers me at times, I still have respect for its ability to thrive here.


Shoestring Grass


Shoestring grass, shoestring grass,

you grow with speed,

at a pace no one can impede.


Shoestring grass, shoestring grass,

your fibers are tough,

making barefoot walking rough.


Shoestring grass, shoestring grass,

Malagache strut without fear,

but the vazaha all end up in tears.


Shoestring grass, shoestring grass,

I respect your resiliency in the season of dry,

but wouldn’t mind if you were to die.


Shoestring grass, shoestring grass,

please stay out of the paths,

as I’d prefer to not fall on my ass.


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