23 Things I Experienced in Madagascar-By Maddy

  1. Took my first step toward becoming a certified SCUBA diver
  2. Built and distributed wooden frames to neighboring villages for the protection of planted seedlings



  1. Kayaked down water channels through a mangrove forest


  1. Was fallowed down a path by ring tailed lemurs in Isalo National Park
  2. Sailed on a pirogue with local kids
  3. Jumped over a desert bonfire
  4. Attended a church service in Belalanda, a neighboring village
  5. Cut vondro reeds with a Malagasy friend to sell in a nearby market
  6. Harvested salt from deserted salt pans
  7. Taught English in French
  8. Attended a Big MJ concert
  9. Watched a flock of flamingos fly over my head
  10. Learned over 100 words and phrases in the Malagasy language
  11. Partook in the sacrifice of a sheep, a ritual to settle a dispute between two families
  12. Helped design and paint a new sign for the local woman’s association, Mamelo Honko
  13. Rode in a zebu cart
  14. A fisherman gave me the biggest starfish I’ve ever held
  15. Saw a gecko without a tail, and a tail without a gecko


  1. Bought a rock
  2. Ate it



  1. Danced all night at a popular local discotheque


  1. Traveled 520 km/322 miles across country


  1. Was welcomed into every home with the utmost hospitality and generosity and made life long friends I will never forget




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