Environmental Education!

For the past 5 weeks, Honko has been working with a local teacher to deliver 5 lessons about the environment and mangrove ecology. The previous program managers at Honko designed the 5 lessons to be taught at the local schools in the villages of Belalanda (2), Tanambao, and Ambosboski for a total of 4 schools.

Each lesson includes an activity pertaining to the lesson. Below you will see the children playing a game showing the effects of using a mosquito net that catches EVERYTHING, vs. using a net that has larger spaces, so you only catch the adult fish. 






Along with the activities, there were small picture books that went with each lesson. They were drawn by a local man that has done most of our art work around Honko. 


Here is a brief description of each of the lessons given:

Lesson 1: What is an ecosystem?

Introduction to ecology, ecosystem, foodchain, balance, interdependence, disequilibrium, destruction, environmental responsibility

Lesson 2: Its hard, so hard to be a mangrove!!!

Information about the mangroves and mangrove forests, adaptation to the environment and the importance of the environment

Lesson 3: The benefits of mangroves. Why do we need mangroves?  ? 

Multifunctional, ecological significance, and the importance to man

Lesson 4: Mangroves threatened!!

Human impacts and natural threats

Lesson 5: How can we safeguard the mangroves??

Dinas (local laws)/permits, planting, respect for the environment, analysis of results achieved by the NGO Honko and VOI Mamelo Honko, possible improvements, talk to your family and your friends.

The lessons were a huge success with around 150 children (ages 9-14) reached! The best way to change the future is to change how we view the world now, and impart better knowledge to the future generations. The mangroves will have a better chance of surviving now because the kids have a better understand and respect for them; they know that without the mangroves, they do not have a way to live. 



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